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Classic Post: Some Madura Videos

This is a classic re-post from the original blog on May 29th, 2011.   Enjoy!


Hey Everybody!  We have been really busy getting ready for the Great Rinehart Pilgrimage of 2011 and have not had a lot of time to put up all the stuff we have.  (Boy the sheep shearing takes a lot of time!)  However, we took some video from our trip to Madura for Easter and thought everyone would like to see some of the big cultural events that take place annually on this small island.

The island is off the East Java coast near Surabaya. It once was a very large kingdom encompassing thousands of islands including some well north of Java off the coast of Sulawesi. The people of the island are considered to be “aggressive” by most Indonesians and it is not a tourist spot. Locals don’t visit this island and couldn’t fathom why we would want to go there.

We had a wonderful time and received VIP treatment. The island was all a buzz about the 32 “bules” (white foreigners) coming to visit the island. The boys and I were especially popular with our red hair. We were constantly pestered for photos, hugs and petting. While Thomas and I welcomed the attention, poor Patrick ran an hid. He hated it…but he has never like strangers.

The people were very different from most of the Indonesians we have met. They were very outspoken and overly friendly. We found this to be a refreshing change of pace, but understood why many Javanese do not like to visit this place. It was very different. We LOVED it!

Video 1:  This is the street parade that was waiting for us when we got to the palace.

Video 2: After we entered the palace, there was a display of the local dance style. It is different from anything we have heard in Java. Cool drum beats and vocals. (sorry about the color of the video as the lighting was not very good.)

Video 3:  This is an example of the annual bull races held ever August. They went to great trouble to race just for us.  And yes, the kid riding the bull is only 9 or 10 years old!

Bonus video: To give some illustration as to how we were “ruffing it” , this is a video we shot during a stop from the van ride to the village.  The toilet had a commanding view of the Java Sea!

If you have any questions or comments, let us know.

Have a Great Day!

The Rinehartworld.com team

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